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Buffering (2021 / promo)

Spoke the Hub's Winter Follies 2021

Performed and choreographed by Sean Langford and Hannah Klinkman 

Costumes by Hannah Klinkman

potted feet / electric piano thingy (2020 / dance film)

performed, filmed, and directed by Hannah Klinkman music by Noah Sanderson

Laundry Day (2020 / dance film)

Performed, filmed, and directed by Hannah Klinkman during the covid-19 quarantine. 

Mary, Alse, and Katherine (2019 / promo)

Connecticut Theater Dance: Once Upon A Dark Night

Choreographed by Hannah Klinkman

Performed by Hannah Klinkman, Emily Bivona, and Celina Lopez

Music by Loscil

Window To (2019 / dance film)

Choreographed, performed, and directed by Hannah Klinkman

Photography by Matthew Kramer

Music by Lucrecia Dalt


when i am a jaguar (2019 / promo)

Rhode Island Women's Choreography Project 

choreographed by Hannah Klinkman

written by Matthew Kramer

performed by Jordan Breen, Nora Ambler, Julia Guiheen, Sarah Clarke, and Joseph Van Harn

music by Loscil

Rhode Island Women’s Choreography Project 2019

Cirque Du Visage no. 1 and no. 2  (2019 / dance film)

Created in collaboration with Matthew Kramer’s comic Cirque du Visage

Performed by Matthew Kramer and Hannah Klinkman, with voices by Siobhan Reddy-Best

Video by Hannah Klinkman


Axis (2018 / dance film)

Directed by Laura Martinelli

Choreographed by Hannah Klinkman

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