dancers pictured from L to R: Jillian Linkowski, Hannah Klinkman, Kennyth Montes De Oca, Hannah Klinkman, Colton Wall

Photos from Spinning Yarn

The Big 5-Oh! Tour (2021 - present)


Spinning Yarn (2021)

     choreographed by Sean Langford and Hannah Klinkman // performed by Sean Langford, Hannah Klinkman, Colton Wall, Kennyth Montes De Oca, and Jillian Linkowski // produced by Spoke The Hub

Buffering (2021)

     danced and choreographed by Sean Langford and Hannah Klinkman

Alice (2019-2020)

     MOMIX // original cast

W Momix Forever (2019)


Mary, Alse, and Katherine (2019)

    CT Theater Dance // danced by Hannah Klinkman, Emily Bivona, and Celina Lopez // choreographed by Hannah Klinkman

The Headless Horseman (2019)

  CT Theater Dance // danced and choreographed by Hannah Klinkman

PLASTIC (2019)

    Newport Art House (anti) Gala // Hannah Klinkman

when i am a jaguar (2019)

    Rhode Island Women’s Choreography Project // danced by Jordan Breen, Nora Ambler, Julia Guiheen, Sarah Clarke, and Joseph Van Harn // written by Matthew Kramer // choreographed by Hannah Klinkman


     Gravitational Attraction // Ania Catherine and Judith Sanchez Ruiz

Vantage Point (2018)

     Dance the Yard //  Jesse Keller Jason

Viva Momix Forever (2018)


Thread/Hem (2018)

     Mary Ellen Beaudreau

To Watch (2018)

    Rhode Island Women’s Choreography Project // danced by Jordan Breen and Kendra Frank // choreographed by Hannah Klinkman

How to Grow Your Tail (2018)

    In collaboration with Matthew Kramer

The Little Merimaid (2018)

     Festival Ballet Providence //  Mark Diamond

The Rite of Spring (2018)

     Festival Ballet Providence //  Yon Tande

Swimmer’s Suite (2018)

Festival Ballet Providence //  Mary Ellen Beaudreau

The Nutcracker (2016,2017)

    Festival Ballet Providence // Mihailo Djuric

Seven Sides of You (2017)

     Festival Ballet Providence // Vilia Putris

The Widow’s Broom (2017)

    Festival Ballet Providence // Viktor Plotnikov

Dance of the East Star (2017)

    Island Grown Dance // Caitlin Cook

Carmen (2017)

 Festival Ballet Providence // Viktor Plotnikov

Cinderella (2017)

 Festival Ballet Providence // Winthrop Corey

Romeo and Juliet (2017)

    Festival Ballet Providence / /Ilya Kozadayev

The Sleeping Beauty (2016)

    BalletMet // Edwaard Liang

The Nutcracker (2015, 2016)

    BalletMet //Gerard Charles