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Mindfulness Meditation


Hannah found her way to meditation to cope with the aspects of her professional dance life that were out of her control.


Mindfulness Meditation helps people to be kinder to themselves and to develop mental strength, clarity, and stability when life feels overwhelming.  

If you're interested in learning more, please email to schedule 2 free 1-on-1 intro sessions via Zoom

Movement coaching,
Teaching, Choreography

Hannah helps students reach their personal potential as artists and humans with positive, encouraging feedback and anatomically sound technique.


Hannah is a certified Pilates mat teacher and is experienced in teaching Pilates and group fitness classes. She aims to help everyone find joy in moving their bodies and building dynamic stability.

Hannah does not currently have a weekly schedule. If you are interested in healing through movement, please reach out via email.


image credit: Ziggy Mack. dancer pictured: Hannah Klinkman and Marlon Feliz

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